F.E.M. & [D] - New Communications : Two

tracks: Untitled 1 : Untitled 2

Created between March and August 2006 by [S] and [D]iona 
Final mix & mastering by [S] photos by [D]

format: CDR in cardboard

Price: €8.00 - worldwide incl shipping (minimum order 2 position from catalog)


My first collaboration work with Diona. The work of this artist is quite diverse... in this case it's presented in two acts. In the first act this is more post-industrial material... short distorted loops, pulsations, modulations and knocks. Pretty abrasive and rusty. In the second act she synthesises pleasant and lingering ambient. Droning and near static. Tones are layering one over another, hanging in the air and returning back to the un-revealed. Developing her creativity in these directions, she undoubtedly reaches very successful results. And I sincerely hope we'll hear again from her. Some nice and recognizable material was submitted by FEM as well.