Five Elements Music - Sylphstream

tracks: Untitled 1 : Untitled 2 : Untitled 3

format: CDR in cardboard

Price: €8.00 - worldwide incl shipping (minimum order 2 position from catalog)


First half an hour long track sounds a lot like another project of [S] - Ion And Sophus - very quiet atmospheric tunes accompanied by lo-fi field recordings. Second track starts to condense the sound and brings the feeling of being in a primeval night forest not in the best time... the campfire is playing tricks, the swamps are droning, the wood spirits are wandering around... The last third track continues this feeling drawing in the very inside of fire - here dominate the sounds of flames and charcoal crackles, little by little dissolving in their own echoes...


Двухчастный альбом: первая половина состоит из тихих, гармоничных дронов, к концу окружаемых легкими шумовыми полевыми записями; вторая часть представляет собой жесткий коллажный шумовой эмбиент из звуков огня и костра.


Fantastic release of this solo-project of one EXIT IN GREY member, dedicated to the natural elements. Three longs tracks of ghostly, mysterious drone-muzak full of beauty. On of his masterpieces of transcendental soundscapes..

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