Tzesne & Carlos Villena - A coded message

format CDR in cardboard

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1. the decoder
2. it started! (distant and strange, like a nonsense dream)
3. feedbacker (ceased to be a test!)

Performer [Objects], Tape [Fieldrecordings], Electronics - Tzesne & Carlos Villena

Recorded, edited and processed:
Track 1 Tzesne (mixed and mastered by Tzesne)
Track 2 Tzesne & Carlos Villena (mixed and mastered by Carlos Villena)
Track 3 Carlos Villena (mixed and mastered by Carlos Villena)

Tzesne -
Carlos Villena -

Spanish Drone Rec. artist TZESNE is back with a split & collaboration album done together with the rising field recording composer CARLOS VILLENA => - 3 pieces solo & in co-operation around the theme "decoding", exquisite mixture of pulses, hissing drones & field recordings...

Drone Records

A collaboration of two Spanish musicians, each having a solo album on Mystery Sea label and serious amount of releases on other honorable underground drone labels. Three tracks balancing between gritty abstractions and hypnotic drone ambient. Mostly rough sound material (field recordings with typical tape hiss and rude electronic drone) is slowly layered, dissolved, transformed and evolved into nice imagery compositions.